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 4G LTE Yellow Fin Spectrum Anlayzer
YellowFin-LTE 4G analyzer is the world's first truly portable calibrated, demodulating LTE test receiver. This handheld unit utilizes a tablet PC as an interface in conjunction with Bundpol´s precision receiver technology for complete spectrum analysis as well as LTE physical layer demodulation.

The receiver sweeps the 700 MHz to 2.2 GHz or 2.0 GHz to 5.9 GHz spectrums (choose model) to within +1.5 dB accuracy measuring both primary & secondary synchronization signals for RSSI, Signal Quality/CINR and Multipath. YellowFin-LTE spectrum analysis also performs interference detection, channel clearing with trigger/synchronization modes for LTE signal frequency analysis.
LTE demodulates the physical layer for Identity, Cell Identity Group, Cell Identity, Extended CP, BS Antenna Count and PBCH Channel. The optional DF (Direction Finding) Antenna allows engineers to pinpoint sources of LTE interference, rogue base stations and even nearby hackers. An internal 12-channel/satellite GPS receiver allows for geo-coded site surveys and drive-studies using optional mapping software.
  • Full LTE Demodulation: Identity, Cell Identify Group, Cell Identity, FDD/TDD System, Normal/Extended CP, Number of BS, Transmit Antenna, PBCH Channel
  • Full LTE Spectrum Analysis: RSSI, Quality/CINR, Multipath
  • Full 700 MHz - 2.2 GHz or 2.0 - 5.9 GHz (choose between models)
  • RF Direction Finding (using optional antenna)
  • True Multipath Measurements
  • RF Interference Detection
  • Peak Search / Hold with up to 4 Peak Hold waveform traces
  • User Selectable Power Triggers
  • Waveform Snapshots of any screen
  • Performs Site Survey Mapping Coverage (using optional DragNet software)
  • Performs Remote Monitoring and Control via Ethernet Connection (using optional YellowFin Remote Manager software)


Bands Supported: MODEL C
700 MHZ - 2.2 GHz
2.0 GHz - 5.9 GHz
RF Sensitivity (Wide Band): -20 to -90 dBm
RSSI (Channel): -20 to -80 dBm
Correlated Multipath Measurements: 0 to -10 dB
CINR: 0 to +20 dBm
Bands Supported: MODEL C
700 MHZ - 2.0 GHz
2.0 GHz - 5.9 GHz
Average Noise Floor (no input): < -100 dBm (reference level -70 dBm, resolution bandwidth=50 kHz)
Dynamic Range: > 40 dB
Level Accuracy: + 1.5 dB (25º C)
Max Input (safe): + 0 dBm
Max Input (no saturation): -20 dBm
Reference Level: -20 to -70 dBm (10 dB steps)
User Control: Auto or Manual
Packet/Interefrence Trigger: Trigger analyzer when input power meets or exceeds threshold (20 MHz span)
Trigger Threshold: User settable in dBm
Trigger Delay: User settable in mS
Internal GPS Receiver: 12-channel/satellite GPS receiver
Input Connector: SMA Female 50 ohm
Power: Li-PO, AC, DC
Runtime Internal Battery: > 3 hours
Recharge Time: < 3 hours
12V car adapter, 2.4 GHz Directional Finding Antenna, Directional Finding Antenna



Frequently Asked Questions

Does the YellowFin-LTE do WiMAX studies?
While the YellowFin does scan the spectrum that common 802.11 Wi-Fi and WiMAX devices operate on, it does not demodulate Wi-Fi or WiMAX packets. YellowFin was designed for 4G LTE installations, troubleshooting and interference detection.



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