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 Bumble Bee LX Spectrum Analayzer
BumbleBee-LX is a rugged, handheld spectrum analyzer built around a calibrated receiver measuring RF signatures of popular wireless standards such as RFID, Cellular, PCS, Pulic Safety Band, SMR and even cordless phones that reside in frequencies 700-2000 MHz.

BumbleBee-LX allows users to scan, display and record multiple RF waveforms for network installation, coverage and interference analysis.

The color, touch-screen allows field engineers to tap on points of interest in any waveform and then drill down for further analysis. Advanced spectrum analysis features include multiple waveforms with peak hold / search, user selectable packet / interference triggers, spectrogram and histogram. BumbleBee-LX allows for realtime spectral analysis of many wireless standards as well as unidentified RF interference.




  • 700-2000 MHz Spectrum Analysis
  • Identify RFID,Cellular, PCS, SMR, Public Safety Bands
  • Color, Touch-Screen Interface
  • 3 User Assignable Waveform Traces
  • Peak / Hold Search
  • User Selectable Power Triggers
  • Waveform JPEG Snapshots
  • Optional Coverage Mapping/Interference Software Packages Available





Frequency Standards: Cellular
Public Safety Band
Span: 50 kHz - 800 MHz
Resolution Bandwidth: 50 kHz - 1 MHz (50, 100, 300, 500, 1 MHz)
automatic 802.11 preset bandwidths
Video Bandwidth (smoothing): 100 kHz - 1 MHz (50 kHz steps)
Screen Averaging: 1 - 100 averages
Reference Stability: + 2.5 PPM
Sweep Time: 800 mSec (20 MHz span, 50 kHz resolution bandwidth)
Average Noise Floor (no input): < -100 dBm (reference level -70 dBm)
Dynamic Range: > 40 dB
Level Accuracy: + 1.5 dB (25 deg. C)
Max Input (safe): + 0 dBm
Max Input (no saturation): -20 dB
Reference Level: -20 to -70 dBm (10 dB steps)
Number of traces: 3 colors
Trace settings: Peak hold, screen average
Marker functions: Peak search, center frequency, left, right, delta
screen shots saved to .jpg file
Display (iPAQ): see HX2700 specifications
Operating system (iPAQ): Windows Mobile® 5.0
Auto or Manual: Trigger analyzer when input power meets or exceeds threshold (20 MHz span)
Packet/Interference trigger:
Trigger threshold: user selectable in dBm
Trigger delay: user selectable in nanoseconds
Input Connector: SMA Female, 50 ohm
Internal Battery: Li-Pol (internal)
Run Time (internal battery): >3 hours
Charge Time: < 1 hour
BumbleBee-LX accessories: Directional Antenna, 900 MHz Antenna, 2400 MHz Antenna, 5 GHz Antenna, 12v Car Adapter



Frequently Asked Questions

Does the BumbleBee-LX demodulate Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?

BumbleBee-LX does not demodulate but rather scans and detects all RF energy in the 700-2000 MHz spectrum. This allows BumbleBee-LX to see all known and unknown devices or interference sources in the that entire spectrum.


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