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The WalkHound is applied wherever through traffic dominates and mobiles are generally banned.


The WalkHound security portal is triggered when mobiles are detected when passing sensors.


The WalkHound security portal is especially useful for security personnel to detect all mobiles even if they are switched off.


This makes WalkHound security portal the perfect addition for access controls of prisons, courtrooms, conference rooms, government buildings as well as many other public and private areas where mobile are banned.


The WalkHound security portal contains (12) independent, ultra-sensitive zones to detect where the mobile is located on the body from head to toe.


WalkHound security portal indicates this with glowing LED bars and sirens.

The robust pressure mat switch ensures the passage that WalkHound scans persons only, who are located within the WalkHound.

The build-up and the removal of WalkHound security portal is very simple and its flexible performance requirements allow continuous operation all day long.

The WalkHound security portal has 10 levels of sensitivity and ensures by automatic calibration that the WalkHound is always on the scent of hidden or smuggled mobiles.



  • Quick scan for unauthorized devices in bags, backpacks, handbags and briefcases.

  • Robust pressure switch mat

  • 12 independent, ultra-bright LED zones Instant indication of the position of the phone

  • NO alarms f. e. with jewelry (gold and silver), copper, aluminum, bronze or messing.

  • 10 adjustable sensitivity levels

  • Detects devices even when switched off or with battery removed

  • Lightweight and simple build-up within 10 minutes



WalkHound video - presentation



Technical Data:

Sensors: 12 independent detection zones (6 per side)
Horizontal Range: 70 cm (adjustable)
Depth: 190 cm (head to toe)

indicates/colored LEDs (multi-zone)

Integrated siren with adjustable volume


on/off key switch
Manual keys for calibration and sensitivity (10 levels) adjustment

Calibration Modes:

Calibration mode: automatic or manual calibration (around 20 seconds)

Power supply:

Power supply: 220V AC for continuous operation
12V DC internal, rechargeable battery with fast charger (10 hours continuous operation)

Operating temperature: - 10º bis 65º C



How WalkHound detection works?

The WalkHound security portal has an exceptional algorithm and 12 sensors (6 per side), which flash to give a notice to the security personnel, where the mobile phone is located on the body of the person. WalkHound detects the change of the magnetic fields of the environment of ferromagnetic objects by the portal.



 Is the WalkHound security portal able to find out where a mobile phone is located on the person?

Yes. The WalkHound contains several independent zones, which indicate multiple objects, when somebody enters the portal.



Can the WalkHound security portal be used outdoors?

Yes. The WalkHound is robust and splash proof, but not water proof. With longer outdoor operation it is recommended to protect the portal against rainfall.



Can the WalkHound be used by persons with cardiac pacemakers, too?

Yes. WalkHound only receives but doesn’t send. Therefore it is totally harmless for persons with cardiac pacemakers.


How long needs the build-up of the system?

Usually it takes 5 minutes


Do I need to calibrate the WalkHound?

No. The device has an automatic calibration to adjust to the changed ferromagnetic environment. It is recommended to keep people away when calibrating the portal.


What is a reasonable speed to walk through the detection portal?

Normal walking speed is sufficient to scan full body.


Is it possible to detect a phone within a body cavity?



Could other non-ferrous metals near WalkHound trigger false alerts (chairs, desktops, file cabinets, vehicles …)?

Yes, the device must not be placed in the immediate neighborhood of magnetic coils, motors or magnetic boards. If this is adhered the WalkHound will work properly.


Is there an audible alert on the WalkHound?

Yes, there is an audible alert, which can be switched on and off as well as a volume control.


Data sheets:
Download Data Sheet
Download User Guide



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