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Bundpol presents the following innovations:

The WalkHound is applied in places, where huge public thru traffic obtains and where mobiles phones are generally banned.

WalkHound Security Portal is triggered, if a cell phone is tracked by passing the sensors.

WalkHound Security Portal is especially useful for security service personnel for detecting of all mobiles also in off states.

This predestinates WalkHound Security Portal as perfect supplement to access controls in prisons, courtrooms, conference rooms, governmental buildings and many others public and private areas where mobile phones are prohibited.

Walkhound Security Portal contains (12) independent, ultra-sensitive zones for detecting and indicating from head to toe where the mobile phone is located on the body.

Walkhound Security Portal indicates such event by lighted LED-bars and sirens.



SecuKey – the most secure radio key of the world

By SecuKey there’s no more way for thieves and hoods to open, disrupt or start your car by using illegal devices.Insurances often pay no compensation, if hoods open, steal or take something out of your car with new,s difficult to detecting methods.


Q-Key - The Keyless Scanner System

Q-Key “The Keyless Scanner System” allows the traceless opening and starting of cars within seconds, which have a keyless go access (keyless opening and starting).

The Q-Key system can be used not only for the opening of vehicles, but also for starting of the engine. At the same time our Q-Key system deactivates the engine immobilizer and the car alarm. For this purpose it is not necessary that the car key is in contact with the vehicle. With Q-Key we proved worldwide that all car manufacturers produce insufficient locking systems.


Spider – detects mobile phones also without inserted battery
Spider is the answer to the growing problem of illegal use, carriage or possession of mobile phones in areas of prisons, public institutions or schools.

Bundpols sensational Spider detects mobiles also in switched-off state and even without battery. Spider detects the mobile – no matter where or in which hiding place it is placed. No matter if it’s switched on or off. Even if the mobile was hidden in the water.


Store Hound – prevents thefts with jammers in shops
As soon as a shoplifter enters a big store or shop with an anti-EAS jammer, StoreHound is able to locate the jammer and to release an alarm immediately.

offers a large area for detection.Therefore the jammer armed shoplifter can even be detected with entrance of the store.

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