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 Security holes
Bundpol test and development lab tests security technology on their weak points and gaps since years. There are enough examples of serious security deficiencies. We update this homepage very often to highlight the weak points we found out. Therefore it is worthwhile to take a look here regularly.


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Serious security deficiency:
Car – Keyless Go entry system

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Has been tested by us extensively and performed repeatedly. A good example is the report of WDR with program Servicezeit.
Bundpol has proven hundreds of times that each car with keyless go technique can be opened within seconds.
Hit are worldwide all manufacturers, which build in these systems in their cars.

Years ago Bundpol has informed all car manufacturers on the problem. Unfortunately the producers did not react and cover up or even deny the problem for years. This seems – see VW exhaust scandal – to be unfortunately the common practice. At the end the bill always pays the consumer.


Serious security deficiency:
Credit cards:

Many credit card holders are potential victims of data theft.

Reason for this is the new generation of credit cards with radio chips.

These chips continually send data such as credit card numbers and expiration date. This technique VISA calls “paywave” and Mastercard “paypass”

Actually, this should make shopping easier. Consumers should hold their card only at the POS (point-of-sale terminal). By modification of programs that will be played on commercially available smartphone, card numbers and expiration date can be picked up and can be used on the internet for shopping.


Serious security deficiency:
RFID access systems in hotel rooms

Hotel rooms more and more are equipped with the new – very practical – card locking systems.

The hotel guest receives no longer a key at the reception, which he has to give back with departure, but only a plastic card.

This card the guest can take home as souvenir, because the card is valid only as long as the hotel has been booked.

The next guest will receive a new card programmed for the same lock. This is made possible by the so called NFC or RFID technology. This allows to program plastic cards for a specific lock among others only for a certain time. According the manufacturer – a 100% secure system. Bundpol has detected a critical security deficiency. Thus it is possible that a thief can open all rooms in a hotel floor – whether it is used or not – quasi with a general key for all rooms in a hotel. Therefore not a hotel rooms is safe against unauthorized access.


Serious security deficiency:
WIFI cameras

Install – switch on – done.

These cameras are used as a baby monitor in the bedroom to keep sight of the baby or as surveillance camera in or around the house.

These cameras are therefore increasingly popular, because they are so incredible practical, because no complicated wires have to be laid.

But exactly this involves a great security problem. Because all these cameras work wireless, this signal can be received by strangers with help of special receivers. Thus at some distance to the camera all can be received – even with sound – what the camera captures, in bedroom, in the house and everywhere, where a wireless camera has been installed.


Serious security deficiency:
Retail security systems

Today they can be seen at nearly each entrance of a shop:

The retail security systems

If a thief steals something from the store and goes to the exit with the stolen goods, he will be detected later at the exit by retail security systems by a shrill alarm.

All goods in a big or retail store are saved hereby, so that it is not possible to remove goods without payment from the store. Clever thieves however have developed a jammer allowing the complete deactivation of the alarm systems at the exit.

All retail security systems can even remain in the goods. Therefore they do not trigger any alarm. On the internet are now shamelessly uploaded video clips by those thieves, who shoot themselves with successful theft for strutting.


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