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 Car Smart Key Solution

How you can protect yourself against those theft methods?
There are unfortunately not so many options. We mention a few good and cheap solutions, but also examples, which had no effect in our tests.


1. Aluminum foil

The best and most effective method is aluminum foil. Wrap the key with the aluminum foil 3 times! Thus, the radio signal cannot be trapped no longer. The foil prevents that the key is able to contact the radio wave extender. However, this method is not very practical, because you have to pack or unpack the key each time, if you want to use the car.


2. Metal boxes

Just take a small chocolate or sewing box where the key fits in. Metal has to quality to function like a Faraday cage. The metal shields the radio waves of the key completely. But take note: We have tested some metal boxes. From 10 doses 8 have failed. Despite the closed box the key went on to radio jolly signals to the vehicle. Here it is worth testing. Put key in the can – go to the car – hold can at the door and try to open the vehicle. If the can allows no radio signal the metal is useful.


3.(Car) Key cases with built-in shielding foil  (doesn’t work)

The rule is: Don’t get be cheated with purchase. Reportedly these cases are designed to shield the key signal to 100%. We have tested 10 of these key cases of online shops and direct sellers in detail. Of these all completely failed. Sellers only try to sell these cases to anxious consumers and confirm a hundred percent protection by this so-called shielding foil.

Despite of case, the vehicle can be opened, but – according to case manufacturer – the signal cannot be tapped no more by the range extender. Our test with the range extender indicated that car key cases give no protection. All key signals could be fully intercepted. Aluminum foil or metal cans are far more effective and cheaper than these cases.


4.Disabling the keyless function

The safest method. Simply switch off the keyless function completely. If this is impossible for you with your car – simply go to your dealer. He will realize this completely free within 2 minutes.


5. Fuse

The safest method. In most vehicles the keyless function is connected with a separate fuse. Here simply remove the fuse. How you can find the fuse, it is written in the manual of your vehicle.


6. Deactivation of the keyless antennas inside the doors

With many vehicles it’s impossible to deactivate the keyless function or your dealer refuses to do so. Should this be the case, simply pull the connector of the keyless antennas (within the door frame) from the control unit. For this the door trim has to be removed shortly. Thus you have nothing changed anything which would reduce any guarantees or warranties and the original state can be reproduced at any time within few minutes.


7. Secu-Key

SecuKey can build-in afterwards into all vehicles, which don’t operate with a comfort entry or radio key from factory, as well as into existing equipment, which were already been installed from the factory in order to make these finally safe.

In addition you will also enjoy the luxury of absolute secure contactless opening and closing of your vehicle.

Due to its special security technique SecuKey cannot be hacked, cracked, disturbed or cheated, as it is the case with all factory-supplied vehicles.

By SecuKey there’s no more way for thieves and hoods to open, disrupt or start your car by using illegal devices.

Insurances often pay no compensation, if hoods open, steal or take something out of your car with new,s difficult to detecting methods.


Imagine the following scenarios:

1 - Attack with a jammer:

You park in a parking lot and go shopping. You leave your car and press the remote control to lock your car. In one corner of the parking lot waits a thief, who lies in wait for valuables in your vehicle. He has a so called jammer at hand and thus prevents the locking process. He realizes this by overlaying the frequency of your remote control with a stronger signal. Thus, the vehicle stays opened without noticing it. German TV channel "Hessischer Rundfunk" has reported in German language about these kind of attacks:



For further german language videos on this issue click here.


2 Attack on a vehicle with keyless function of the car manufacturers

IMeanwhile, thieves use devices to bypass the functions of the keyless systems within seconds. With the radio wave extender we have proved worldwide that unfortunately ALL vehicle manufacturers produce deficient locking systems. In the WRD show “Service time” we could demonstrate in German language repeatedly how car thieves WITHOUT key could open the doors only by touching with the hand.




For further german language videos on this issue click here.






Those attacks has motivated us to finally develop a secure remote control key, because car manufacturers do not respond. The SecuKey cannot be hacked, disturbed or cheated. Once you leave your car, the vehicle will close automatically whether a jammer is near or not. Also the possibility of a keyless attack, as shown in the second video, is successfully prevented by SecuKey.


The SecuKey can – if desired – achieve even very long distances (distance adjustable 1-30 meters). It is equipped with rolling codes, lightning quick changing frequencies, which we do not make publicly. These facts make it impossible for thefts to break into your car. Thus the key doesn’t have to be kept in radio isolating containers, which will be often forgotten or will be boring, because it contradicts to keyless principle.


The transmitter of SecuKey can always remain in your pocket. Once you leave your vehicle, doors close automatically. SecuKey can even be not impressed by so called “jammers” or “interfering transmitters”. The system is constructed that in case of any disturbance it will fall back into self-mode and will ignore completely jammers. Disturbances never affect the functions of SecuKey and of the comfortable Keyless Entry.


SecuKey works together with all existing central locking systems, whether keyless entry systems are built-in by the manufacturer or are only simple central locking systems. So you can easily and quickly turn your normal central locking system into a 100% secure radio system.



Which vehicles SecuKey is compatible with?
SecuKey is compatible with all vehicles, even those which have no keyless function built-in. So each vehicle can be upgraded with SecuKey to a secure keyless locking system.


Who performs the installation?
This can be any free or authorized repairer. The installation is uncomplicated and done with little effort. With a little bit of technical skills you can do it by yourself.


Will SecuKey be needed additionally to the original key?
Yes, because the original key contains the code for the engine immobilizer. The original keyless system in the vehicle should also be disabled.


Are the automatic adjustment of the seats affected?


How many keys are delivered with SecuKey?


Has the Key to be taught or can I do setup as a layman?
The Keys (2 keys) are already taught. SecuKey control unit must be connected only with 12 Volt board-voltage. A connection diagram is included with the device.


Can the original key still be used?
He must be used to start the vehicle. SecuKey only prevents the uncontrolled access to the vehicle, so that car no longer can be opened by an extension of the signal (see German TV reports on VOX, WDR, SWR etc.)


Where I can by SecuKey?
SecuKey is now available here.



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