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 Affected Cars

We have tested and checked every vehicle with keyless function of all manufacturers listed below. Further below we have compiled a list of manufacturers of non-secure radio systems. Unfortunately ALL have failed. The vehicles were opened and started without car key close to the vehicle within seconds.

Unfortunately, this list is very long, because nearly every manufacturer is concerned. The producers do nothing and still sell these unsecure systems in new cars now available at the dealer.

Related to the manufacturers, which are not listed here, should be noted: This does not mean, that these offer secure keyless entry systems, but build in no keyless systems in their vehicles.

The problem is well known to the manufacturers long. Nevertheless they go on building in these security gaps into their vehicles. Some producers even require for this deficient extra feature an extra cost. Asked about these safety deficiencies nearly all manufacturers ignore this problem. It is either denied or talked down.

We are willing for the warning of consumer to demonstrate a radio wave extender to the press and all criminalists of police, in order to simplify the fight against crime and to warn the population. With such a device we can demonstrate, how fast thieves proceed (within 5 seconds) and so a vehicle can be stolen in seconds (opening and starting, as well as deactivation of the engine immobilizer and the car alarm).




List of the concerned manufacturers:



A Acura B Bentley C Cadillac
  Alfa Romeo   BMW   Chevrolet
  Alpina   Bugatti   Chrysler
  Artega   Buick   Citroen
  Asia Motors       Corvette
D Dodge F Fiat G GMC
H Holden I Infiniti J Jaguar
  Honda       Jeep
K Kia L Lamborghini M Mahindra
      Lancia   Maybach
      Land Rover   Mazda
      Lexus   McLaren
      Lincoln   Mercedes Benz
N Nissan O Opel P Pagani
  NSU       Peugeot
  Oldsmobile       Piaggio
  Opel       Plymouth
R Renault S Saab T Talbot
  Rolls Royce   Santana   Tata
  Rover   Seat   Tesla
  Ruf   Scoda   Toyota
      Smart   Triumph
      Spyker   TVR
V Volkswagen        


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