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 Statements of the German politics (Members of Parliament)

Bundpol Security Systems has confronted in cooperation with German TV channels ZDF, ARD, VOX and further media like Autobild and others the automobile industry, the relevant politicians of the German parliament, the minister of transport and the association of car industry with the unsecure keyless locking systems. The answers we received you can download below this text.


We have made further extensive testings, right after the car industry the deficient keyless locking systems either completely denied or asserted their keyless locking systems would be safe. A successful attack with a radio wave extender was even been simply denied by some manufacturers.


According to the motto: the same principle of denial and keeping under wraps also worked quite well with the VW exhaust scandal. Only under massive pressure of the US authorities and the threat of a ban on sale VW buckled and admitted these problems. After a lawsuit was filed in the US because all VW buyers were misled with false emission data.


We were several times recommended to file a lawsuit even in the United States with support of US authorities to protect at least local consumers against further buggy keyless locking systems. This would be too soon in our opinion. We hope still so far, that manufacturers finally give in and that they will develop with their engineers a new and secure keyless system.


Several MPs of the German Parliament have sent an interpellation related to the failing keyless Go system to minister of transport Mr. Dobrindt as well as to Mr. Matthias Wissmann, president of the German association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), because the car producers did not show any reaction to our tests. The written parliamentary questions of the MPs to minister of transport, Mr. Dobrindt as well as to VDA president, Mr. Wissmann and their answers, you can download as PDF below the photos. Only those answers, which were directed to us, we didn’t enface. All answer of the MPs are in german.

Minister of transport,
Mr. Alexander Dobrindt
Ex-Minister of transport,
President of the VDA,
Mr. Matthias Wissmann
Interior expert,
Mr. Wolfgang Bosbach
State secretary,
Mrs. Brigitte Zypries
Mr. Dobrindt lost in
paragraphs and phrases as well  as the UN convention 116.A crucial support for consumers is not to be expected here.
Mr. Wissmann praises
the engine immobilizer, but misses the point totally.

With the range extender the immobilizer is only waste.
Mr. Bosbach recommends to report this issue urgently to authorities …

Anwer is so funny!

As if this was not our first way. Police in this case is totally powerless. We just need better laws.
In reply, on behalf of Mrs. Zypries, is spoken of “reportedly” safety gaps in keyless vehicles. One have no words.

So far our insight of the work of the automotive lobbyists in the German Bundestag




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