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 The problem with the keyless smart key

Functional description of a radio wave extender (Relay Attack)

The “radio wave extender” allows the traceless opening and starting of cars within seconds, which have a keyless go access (keyless opening and starting).

The “radio wave extender” can be used not only for the opening of vehicles, but also for starting the engine.

At the same time this device deactivates the engine immobilizer and the car alarm.

For this purpose it is not necessary that the car key is in contact with the vehicle.

Unlike other methods of vehicle opening with the “radio wave extender” there are no manipulations on vehicle or key. Thus the robbed car owner has great difficulties to prove the theft to the police and insurance. Opening and starting of the engine regrettably are not detectable and done completely without trace.

The operating principle of the “radio wave extender” is based on the extension of the range of the keyless transponder key between the location of the key and the location of the vehicle, up to a distance of 400 meters, for example between hotel reception and underground parking.

An example:

A person with the “radio wave extender – scanner” is located close to the key owner (f. e. at the hotel reception desk). A second person stays with the “radio wave extender – transmitter”) close to the vehicle (f. e. underground parking of the hotel). The system now bridges the large physical distance between the key owner and his vehicle in the underground garage. Both to the keyless control unit as well as to the transponder is lead to believe in normal environment (normal environment = key is located directly on the car)


The “scanner” now transfers wireless the received key code to the “transmitter”, which is located in this moment with person 2 close to the vehicle and transfers this code to the keyless control unit in the vehicle. This allows person 2 the instant opening and even starting of the vehicle without car key.

The whole process regularly does not need more than a few seconds. It does not matter how many car keys are located near the “scanner”. All keys are recognized simultaneously. Theoretically, all received key signals could be used to open and to start the related cars simultaneously or sequentially.



Graphic in German language
- Demonstration in German



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