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Latest attacks, threats protection


This training introduces the major threats you are exposed to and gives a security-critical overview of modern technologies, which have just been established. Our task is to detect security defects of products and processes as well as to present these practical.


This seminar requires no previous knowledge in information protection and technology. We can offer to the participants a series of exclusive training programs, which are difficult to realize in public seminar rooms for security reasons.


We are happy to participate in your seminars as speaker. Contact us. We will present all security threats to your participants.

Our themes:

  • Keyless-go / keyless entry systems.
    Vulnerabilities and possibilities of theft-prevention of vehicles

  • Credit card theft-prevention by electronic means.

  • RFID – the new danger?

  • DECT – phones – interception made easy?

  • Mobile phone interception – technique now affordable for everyone (industrial espionage etc.)

  • Retail security systems in shopping centers are not safe.

  • Information misuse of data thieves

  • Defense techniques for all cases mentioned above


Defense against eavesdropping


Economy today is facing new challenges. With the increasing competition on the global market, knowledge of research, projects and pricing of competitors can be a great financial advantage.


One instrument of the illegal generation of such information is a directed eavesdropping, which are realized by foreign intelligence services, dubious detectives or insiders.


The imperative to defend against the consequences of illegal use of your own science becomes more important in light of worldwide increasing competition as well as increasing dependence on modern communication systems.


Our field of operation includes

  • Threat assessment

  • Preventive training

  • Room shielding programs


Eavesdropping studies at high technical level

  • Physical examination of areas, inventory and vehicle by harmonic detection, directed to monitoring technology, regardless of it activation status.

  • Thermal image analysis

  • X-ray inspection

  • Visual laser inspection

  • Stethoscopic investigations

  • Examination of areas and vehicles on all  known information transmission media by approved physics of buildings and vehicle, such as radio, cable networks, impact sound/laser

  • Conference accompanying activities

  • Long-time scan

  • Screening of IT structure and mobile technology

  • Video- and security technological protection of critical departments


Below listed steps are basics of professional eavesdropping

  1. Physical inspection on manual and visual basics

  2. Thermographic test of the inspection surface

  3. Application of semiconductor systems (non-linear-junction detector, NLJD)

  4. Impact sound measurements to check structure

  5. Infrared measurements

  6. Long-wave and NF measurements

  7. Operation of a portable X-ray machine in the field.

  8. Inspection of telecommunication lines and –terminals with telephone line detector (TALAN)

  9. Check and measurements on 230V line networks and their distributors

  10. Check and measurements of in-house structural installation (9.  + 10. Carrier frequency measurements)

  11. Detection of wireless transmission methods with near-field measurements.

  12. The high-frequency test (with use of 5 different methods and devices)

  13. According to the customers’ request: conspirative sealing of physical proved areas.

  14. Documentation and report with all measurement protocols

  15. Summary evaluation of the test results.

  16. Soundproof- and security recommendations of the passive protection against eavesdropping.


Privacy themes


Society and Technology

  • Data retention – monitoring of metadata

  • Telecommunication surveillance – (almost) nobody listens to.

  • Biometrics – privacy problems of biometric systems

  • ePass – the biometric passport

  • Health card – on the introduction and use of eCard

  • Video surveillance – still watching you

  • Voting computers – use of voting computers



  • RFID - spychips and their use

  • RFID - record communication

  • RFID - chips in your clothes – movement profiles



  • Data theft – public known mega accidents

  • Privacy at Google? Which data are save from spying?

Your overvalue:

  • You are able to estimate the actual threat situation and you know what risks arise from.

  • You know actual trends and are able to embed into useful security management.

  • You learn to look at threats with structural view, to evaluate and to conceptualize threat assessments.

  • You learn to identify potential vulnerabilities of products and to rate their risks.

  • You will be able to define, to rate and to realize security requirements.

Practical relevance:

  • Practical relevant examples are in foreground.

  • The seminar offers a lot of space for intensive discussion and therefore space for your individual interests in the topic.


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